Our business lines

ORYGAMY’s historic core business which is trading industrial supplies for industry, is made up of two activities:

  • Supply and purchase maintenance spare parts for industrial equipment and technical production consumables/supplies.

  • Managing and optimizing stocks of these same supplies to avoid stock-outs, rationalize rotation rates and eliminate duplication.

The commitment we take with our customers is to supply and manage their stock as closely as possible to their needs. It’s done in a spirit of competitiveness in terms of quality, responsiveness and cost.

Our industrial maintenance offer is specialized on handling machines for production : pneumatic, hydraulic, electrical, etc.

Our approach is based on cross-disciplinary expertise:

  • preventive,

  • corrective,

  • and predictive maintenance.

Performance management is fully part of our offer:

  • Continuous improvement of machinery and energy networks

  • Management of CMMS and spare parts stocks

  • Technical recommendations for the purchase of new resources.

Our ambition is to offer a global management solution to our customers’ maintenance departments.

Our HSE solutions are based on advice and operational support to our clients in complying with their regulatory requirements and their normative commitments:

  • Creation and updating of files for installations classified for environmental protection (ICPE)

  • Regulatory monitoring and conformity assessment

  • Occupational risk assessment (single occupational risk assessment document, chemical risks, etc.)

  • Implementation and coordination of management systems, integration of HSE issues in industrial projects, etc

A customized offer to aim sustainability issues.